iOS Development:
Strickland Apps had the pleasure of developing two fun interactive apps for our client DairyMax. These apps are both fun and educational. The first one we test the users knowledge on dairy and dairy products, providing fun informative information along the way. The second app is a series of books. The first being a fun informative book about the daily life of a dairy farmer. The second book teaches us all about cows and the different types of breeds. Check out both of these free apps in the app store!

Dairy Quiz

Dairy Book

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Facebook Apps:
Recently we’ve seen an increase in the amount of clients using Facebook as one tool to power their marketing efforts. In an effort to best serve our clients we took on the task of developing custom Facebook tabs/pages. Along with the standard Wall, Info, Photos pages as well as a variety of apps that the user can install such as Twitter, YouTube, etc... We were able to implement over 20 custom tabs for our client base in 2012. From custom Welcome Pages, Contests and Giveaways we were able to incorporate a large variety of capabilities. We successfully incorporated Links, Rollovers, Forms, Video, Images, hidden fan-only content and more! 

If you’d like to use Facebook or an App to grow your business then contact us, so we can help make your ideas become functional.